Q&A About Fire Pit Safety Tips

How can I place my fire pit?

Fire pits should be put on a place where is not combustible. Before you place a fire pit on somewhere, I recommend to put a fire pit mat or bricks on it.

How long should I keep distance from my house? 

There are two points you should think about. The first one is local law.You should check about the local law. Secondly, fire pits should stay away from 15 feets. As we all know, fire pits emit a significant amount of heat which will effect the surrounding item.Therefore, we have to make sure to put out the fire when we are not using it.

Can I put furnitures around a fire pit?

Outdoor furnitures are mostly safe to use around fire pits.One thing you should consider about is making sure there is enough space for people to move closer or further when they are bothered by smoke.

Can I leave a fire pit burning overnight?

Never leave a fire pit burning overnight. Before going to your house, you must make sure you have put out the fire.

Can I burn trash in my fire pit?

In most areas, burning trashes is illegal.Garbage and paper products can spark and create embers that can cause the fire to spread outside of the pit.

What accessories should I have when using my fire pit?

Remove ashes after each use and brush away debris. Clean up any spills or residue if your fire pit has been used for cooking. Inspect and clean burners and valves on gas and propane fire pits regularly.Keep your fire pit covered when it’s not in use after it has cooled to the touch. More details please learn our other article about How to Clean Your Fire Pit

Accessories You Must Have