Solikefire 25g Colorful Flames for Woodburning Fires

Weight: 10*25g
Sale price$19.99


Experience the Majic Flame Anywhere

Winter, spring, summer or fall, take Cosmic Flames with you wherever you go! This colorful flames are the perfect camping accessory for campers young and old! Easy to use, easy to transport, and wildly entertaining, this will provide long lasting entertainment perfect for all ages!

Product Features

🔥Use Indoor&Outdoor: Perfect for campfires, bonfires, indoor fireplaces, backyard fire pits and any wood burning fires!

🔥Easy to Use: Simply toss an unopened pouch into fire to enjoy a brilliant display of colorful flames!

🔥Long Lasting: Experience the magic of colorful flames for long time!

🔥It is for Everyone: Adults and kids alike will love watching flames turn from basic yellow and orange to deep and vibrant hues of green, blue and purple!

Product Details

  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 15g/25g 
  • Type: Magic Fire Colorful Flames Powder


1.Roast food in a color flame is not allowed.
2.Please keep in mind that you should only use these with wood burning fires, not electric or gas fires and the chimney flue should be open for proper ventilation.
3.Just make sure to toast your marshmallows before you use the Cosmic Flames.

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