Solikefire 15pcs Reusable Stainless Steel BBQ Needle Stick

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Product Features

☑️Allow you to easily cook a meal without the excess of firing up a big barbecue.

☑️Very lightweight and portable, great helpers for you.

☑️Used to roast flour food, vegetables, meat and fish, etc.

☑️Treat your friends with a delicious meal with these useful barbecue needles convenient to use.

☑️Compact BBQ utensil, easy to carry.

☑️Compact and convenient, ideal for picnics and tailgating.

Product Details

  • Length: 330mm
  • Width: 4.4mm
  • Thickness: 1.1mm
  • Material: Non-magnetic Stainless Steel
  • For The Number: 15
  • For the Environment: Indoor&Outdoor

Package Includes:
15x Stainless Steel Barbecue Needle

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