Solikefire Outdoor Ultralight Titanium Alloy Wood Mltipurpose Camping Stove

Size: 2m
Sale price$479.99


Product Features

🔥Titanium alloy material, which is high melting point.
🔥Portable and light weight, hence suitable for backpacking and camping.
🔥Easily put in your backpack, and it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.
🔥Stability, durability, and anti-corrosive, it can stand up against harsh weather conditions in the wild.
🔥Glass window of the door.

Product Details

  • Furnace Body Material: Titanium, Heat-resistant Glass
  • Chimney Material: Titanium
  • Furnace Weight: 1590 Grams
  • Chimney Weight: 108 g/m
  • Furnace Body Size: 35*20*17cm(L*W*H)
  • Height of Furnace Surface to Ground: 30cm
  • Chimney Diameter: 63mm
  • Storage Size: 350*200*48mm(L*W*H)
  • Storage Bag Weight: 295 Grams
  • Chimney Optional Length: 2M, 2.5M, 3M
  • Reminder: Some Small Accessories Are 304 Stainless Steel
  • 2m Wood Stove Weight: 1612g
  • Glass Version 2m Wood Stove Weight: 1900g, (manual measurement, there will be errors, whichever is the actual)

Package Inculdes

Safety Matters Tips:

1.Fuel types: dry firewood, dead branches (unlawful logging is prohibited)
2.Use of tent stove in tent (including other confined spaces) must pay attention to ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
3.Take fire prevention measures to prevent fire and burns.

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