Solikefire 1300W Camping Portable Multi-Use Gas Stove

Color: Red
Sale price$179.99


Product Features

🔥The portable butane gas heater heats up quickly and evenly, and can quickly heat up in a few seconds.
🔥The multifunctional design allows you to cook, bake, heat, etc. You can enjoy hot and outdoor cooking at the same time. This butane gas heater will definitely save you a lot of time.
🔥Movable hard frame ring, high-quality stainless steel fixed frame, high temperature resistance, no deformation, easy to disassemble.
🔥Adjust the angle of the needle, press the needle, the upper body can adjust the angle.
🔥The pull ring is easy to use. Pulling the tab can accelerate the air circulation, make the combustion more intense and the firepower greater.
🔥Just like a traditional throttle switch, turn it from right to left to open it.
🔥Suitable for camping, hiking, traveling, picnic, etc.

Product Details

  • Material: high temperature resistant steel plate and plastic
  • Color: Red, Black
  • Size: 25*25*20cm
  • Weight: 2760g
  • Barbecue Consumption: 100G/h
  • Applicable Gas: Butane Gas/External Gas
  • Packing Size: 310 x 190 x 27 0mm
  • Rated Power: 1.3 KW
  • Uses: Can be used to boil water, cook, roast fire, etc.

Packing List: 1*Outdoor Heater

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