Solikefire Camping Anti-scalding Tent Protector Fireproof Cloth

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Product Features

🔥Protect Tents: The item can not be lighted with fire, there is no open flame, the high temperature resistance effect is greatly improved, protect tents well.

🔥Item Size: About 32*25cm, proper size, the hole can be cut according to your needs (chimney diameter).

🔥Fireproof Fiber Material: Using fireproof fiber material, intimate design, suitable for hot chimney.

🔥Safer to Use: Add anti-scalding ring accessory, safer and simple to use, greatly increases service life of the tents.

🔥Prevent Outdoor Fires: With high-quality craftsmanship, effectively prevent outdoor fires.

Product Details

  • Name: Fireproof Cloth for Tents
  • Size: 32*25cm/12.6*9.84in
  • Material: Fireproof Fiber
  • Weight: About 50g

Packing List: Fireproof Cloth*1

1. As each user has different chimney diameter, so the chimney hole of this fireproof cloth needs to be cut by the user according to actual situation.
2. This product is a consumable product. Ordinary fire-retardant cloth only has a flame-retardant effect. It won't be lit in case of fire, and there is no open flame, but it will continue to melt. This product will only form black carbonization around the fire when exposed to continuous open flame, and will not continue to melt. The high temperature resistance effect is greatly improved to protect tents.

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