Solikefire Lightweight Stove Tent with Wood Stove Jack

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Product Features

✨Lightweight Fabric- 40D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric, Waterproof Rating: 2000mm.
✨Movable Cap Design- You can remove the cap to exchange the air for better ventilation.
✨Two Removable Stove Jack- You can use a wood stove in the tent. Outdoor cooking is a necessary skill for survival camping. You will definitely enjoy the tasty food made outdoors.
✨Two Doors Design- You can open two doors and get in or get out of the tent easily. This will make you enjoy this outdoor home better.

Product Details

  • Capacity: 1P with tent wood stove
  • Stove Jack: 2 pieces of heat resisting stove jack
  • Snow Skirt: No snow skirts
  • Doors: 2 Doors
  • Tent Fabric: 40D Silicon-coated Nylon
  • Waterproof Rating: 2000mm, Heat Taped Waterprook Seaming
  • Floor Shape: Regular Hexagon
  • Floor Dimension: 58 sq ft / 5.4 sq m
  • Peak Height: 62.99 inch / 5.25 feet / 160 cm
  • Total Weight: 5.3 lb /2.4 kg
  • Ventilation: Top Vent
  • Packed Size (L*W*D): 50x16x16 cm / 19.7x6.3x6.3 in
  • Color: Iron Cyan
  • Season: 4 Season (Especially in winter)

Package Includes

  • HUSSAR with Inner Tent x1
  • Replaceable stove jack x2
  • Tent support pole x1
  • Tent pegs x16
  • Guyline x4
  • Zipper bag x1

How to use the stove jack of our teepee tent correctly?
These tips are helpful to some experienced campers:
1. Roll up the jack cover and fix it.
Don't let the jack cover cloth touch the hot pipes. Ordinary tent cloth, such as our 300D oxford cloth, can't stand such a high pipe temperature. So you need to roll up the cover cloth and make sure it's far away from the hot pipe.
2. Make sure your pipes is in the center of the stove jack.
You should try to make the stove pipes in the center of the jack hole by moving the stove position. And don't let the pipe touch any fabric.
3. Use branches to separate pipes and tent cloth.
Some people may find it difficult to keep the stove pipes from touching the tent cloth by moving the stove position. In this case, you can use branches as barriers to separate them.
4. Make sure the tent doesn't shake.
When you put the pipe in the center of the stove jack, don't be careless. If the tent shakes, it means the hot pipes may touch the tent cloth. To make the stove jack cloth last longer, you should protect it as well as possible.
The important thing you need to know:
The jack cloth is fireproof, but the stitched thread has no fire proof function. If you let the tent cloth too close to the hot pipe, it may cause the sewing thread to be burned off, which may cause damage to the tent.

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