Solikefire Zunelotoo BAD KID Tactical Shovel

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The Zune Lotoo Annihilate is a 29.7 inch long folding survival shovel that uses a screw off handle design. It weighs just under 3 lbs and provides you with more than 10 different useful survival tools, including:

1) Shovel
2) Shovel Saw
3) Hand Saw
4) Knife Blade
5) Bottle Opener
6) Hammer
7) Wire Cutter
8) Fire Starter Rod
9) Camera Support
10) Emergency Whistle

The shovel is made from stainless steel while the handle is comprised of several anodized aluminum tubes. Within each tube are different tools such as the knife or saw blade.

The shovel itself is a pretty good size and can be locked into place using a screw lock system. If you flip the shovel blade back in the top part of it is designed to be used as a hammer. It’s great for pounding in tent stakes and other similar tasks.

The camera support was one we hadn’t seen on another survival shovel but was surprisingly effective. You just drive the shovel blade firmly into the ground then screw your camera on top. If you’re out in the boonies and want to take some nature shots or shoot a vid for your channel it’s a great multi purpose solution.

The Zune Lotoo is definitely on the pricey side for survival shovels but it does give you a good bit of value for your money.

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